Enhanced and intuitive touch

Semplus optical waveguide-touch sensing technology combines advanced functionalities and ease of use, making touchscreens with unique features: touchscreen displays can be easily read in direct sunlight; fingers, gloves and any type of stylus; curved displays; pressure sensitive gestures for 3D navigation or pop up menu; multi-pressure gestures。

Pressure and Touch. All-in-one.

Semplus' sensor technology combines multi-pressure capabilities and multi-touch detection, offering a compelling alternative or replacement to current capacitive touch technologies because adoption comes at no-manufacturing conversion costs.

What's inside a single touch?

  • 1. Creating the Light Field

    Optical components emit light inside the waveguide and detectors receive the light coming though the material. Material science, optics, emitting component physics ensures that light is entrapped inside the waveguide and reach the sensors without power loss.
  • 2. Detecting objects by Sensing the change of light

    The object detection is made by sensing the changes of the light amount received by the multiple sensors. Special electronic circuitry guarantees the capability to detect small changes of light received minimizing noise interferences. Touching the surface of the touchscreen glass causes a loss of light that is detected by the sensors.
  • 3. Reconstruction a pressure map

    The light changes at the sensors are combined together with an algorithm and a pressure image map is represented that cover all the touchscreen sensing area.
  • 4. Analyzing data and extracting features

    The image map is analyzed to enhance and extract the useful signals from the noise floor. Then algorithms extract the detected objects, like fingers or stylus.
  • 5. Gestures recognition

    Semplus touch engine applies different techniques to remove unwanted touches, to enable palm rejection, and to avoid disturbances. The ultimate goal is sending to the operating system the extracted gesture, including touch or pressure based gesture. Everything is done to ensure smoothness, speed and robustness.

Continuous research in different area makes SEMPLUS team obsessed to deliver the best touch experience in products。

  • 斗地主达人Materials Science

  • Signal processing

  • Optics

  • Pattern recognition

  • Image processing

  • Electronics

  • Mixed-signal design

  • Smart / multi-material surfaces

    Semplus sensor technology can create sensors pad for different range of applications。 The multi-material selections allows to sensorize surfaces like fabric, leather or vinyl。

  • Curved and different shape displays

    Semplus touchscreen allows for curved and different shape displays.

  • EM noise immunity

    Semplus touchscreen, conversely to p-cap, doesn’t suffer of EM noise.

  • Optical clarity / Excellent sunlight readability

    Semplus touchscreen offers superior optical performance, with low reflectance for better sunlight readability

  • Multiple level of pressure

    Semplus touch is able to discriminate the nuances of touch, from soft touch to stronger touch

  • Easy to scale from small size up to 17″+

    斗地主达人Semplus touchscreens range from wearable to big size displays, bringing an all in 1 touch and pressure experience to a new range of products。

  • Gloves, finger and stylus

    Semplus touch can detect multiple object touching the surface.

  • Multi touch and pressure (10+)

    Multi-Touch: touch detection with more than 10 contacts points

    Pressure detection: intensity of multiple contacts without software tricks

Semplus offers OEMs the most value at compelling prices.

Compared to existing Force Touch solution, Semplus technology is the only one that replace capacitive touch, adding more features, like multi-pressure detection, without adding any additional layer or thickness。 Semplus touch allows customers to integrate true pressure touch on displays that range from wearables to tablet (10”+) and beyond。


Semplus strives to innovate on markets ranging from automotive to medical, from consumer goods to wearables, IoT and industrial markets。